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We are open!
As the season goes on our hours will get later into the day.

We have been busy at the greenhouse getting everything ready. From seeds, to hanging baskets, to cold weather vegetables. So that when you’re ready to get started gardening we’ll have it ready for you!

Other Important dates for March
Earth Day – April 22
Administrative Professional Day- April 25


Cascading Ornamental oregano is an Old World herb that blooms in mid-summer on tall stems with cascading sprays of pink bracts and flowers. Planted on the edge of a raised bed shows off the flowers to best advantage. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric).

Zones 5-10 Requires Full Sun
Deer Resistant
Bee Friendly
Rabbit Resistant
Fragrant Flower / Foliage
Extended Bloom Time (more than 4 weeks)
Plants for Small Spaces

Shrimp Plant
Shrimp plant is a slowly spreading tropical herb when grown as an annual in the ground usually only reaches 2 feet tall and wide. Shrimp plant grows best in fertile, well-drained soils in full sun or light shade. It is hardy outside in zones 8. If used in a mixed patio planting for summertime bloom, provide a pot with ample room for the roots. Most members of the acanthus family are moisture-loving plants that wilt quickly with the first sign of drought stress. Shrimp plant is – while not quite drought tolerant – more capable of enduring dry conditions than most of its kin. Afternoon wilting will not harm it but prolonged drought will stop flower production and can result in leaf drop.

New Yellow Geranium

Colossal Pepper
70 days. Capsicum annuum. (F1) Plant produces high yields of extra large sweet bell peppers. Peppers turn from medium green to bright red when mature. Pepper stays firm and crunchy. Excellent for stuffing, salads, and cooking.


We will be receiving our perennials and some herbs around mid April once they can safely be planted in the area.

LATE FLAT DUTCH – Should plant at least 4’ apart to reach maximum size
HYBRID O – S CROSS - Should plant at least 4’ apart to reach maximum size
MEGATON The perfect cabbage for growing the largest head of cabbage in the area. Even though it reaches 20 lbs or more it does not crack and the interior is sweet and white in color. Megaton also has great disease resistance. You will not be disappointed by this cabbage. Preforms well in clay soil.

Cabbage is a cool weather crop that can be planted anytime after March 15, ground, along with:
Brussels sprouts

We have separated the above and below ground crops for those people who want to plant by the phases of the Moon. This is only a guideline of course, you need to keep in mind this is also weather permitting (freezes, wet soil).

Vegetable plants that bear crops above ground should be planted during a waxing moon (from the day the moon is new to the day the moon is full).

April 15th- April 29th
Vegetable plants that bear crops below ground should be planted during a waning moon (from the day after a full moon to the day before a new moon).

April 1st- April 14th

April 30th – May 14th

Lettuce can be planted any time after the first of April.

Brussel Sprouts
Snap Peas



Friend or Foe?

We’d suggest separating foes and friends on opposite sides of the garden, or at least 4 feet away. The 2018 Farmers Almanac has a nice chart for planting vegetables in your garden. You can view it HERE (opens in new window)

We opened the Monday after the time change. Our daylight will be longer into the evening and hopefully it will be getting warmer. Many of us are getting anxious to get out and do some yardwork. Don’t forget we carry many items that can help you get that work done. Fertilizers, insect control, and mulch. Our seeds are new every year. We offer bulk and pre-packaged seeds.

We strive to offer our customers high quality plant material that will last them throughout the season. Our entire line of specialty plants that we put in 4 ½ pots, containers, and hanging baskets come from Ball, Goldfish, Proven Winner, and Syngenta. Much of our knowledge has been self- taught, but we keep up to date with the plant industry through reading news articles about the trade. Anytime customers have questions we try to answer the best we can. If we can’t, we have been known to look the answers up and get back in contact with them. We want our customers to have fun and succeed whether this is as a hobby or if the vegetable garden is a necessity.

Since New Year’s Day the greenhouses have been cleaned. All the dirt and debris left over from last year, gone. All the walls, tables, and floors have been scrubbed down. The heaters were lit up in January and hanging baskets have been planted. Most of these plants are cut once when planted and will receive another pruning before they are hung up. Cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower looks like bean sprouts right now but will be ready for sale at the appropriate time. All of our vegetable plants are grown from seed by us at the greenhouse. The perennials we sell come from a grower in northern Columbus, OH. We double crop most bedding plants in the attempt to have a nice looking crop throughout the spring season. They say variety is the spice of life, so we try to provide this in flower and vegetable plants. Just like so many years ago when Steve tried to come up with new and different plants for our customers, we still try to search out unusual items. We’ll be trying out a few new items this year.

So check us out, you never know what we’re going to have.

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Family owned & operated by John B. Thomas from 1964 until 1980, Steve & Maureen Thomas from 1981 to the present, and then Joe Thomas joined us in 2010.

John B. Thomas started selling plants at Farmer’s Market in 1968. His aim was to supply his usual customers with vegetable seeds, vegetable plants, and annual bedding flowers. At that time vegetable gardening was still a big source of produce for families. When he started he had limited space so he just lined the flats along the side of the store and on tables at the front of the store. Seeds, onions, and potatoes were sold inside the carry out. In the beginning he dealt with Hahn’s Greenhouse in Columbus on High Street to supply the plants.

About the mid 70’s John started getting plants from Wards Greenhouse in Hillsboro, OH. At one time John sold nursery stock for a while. This was something Steve vowed he would never do, too time consuming and a lot of maintenance. As the years went by Farmers Market was becoming known for its plants. We were very fortunate that John had found good growers to deal with. John started going to another greenhouse in Columbus to keep stocked.

In the spring of 1984 Steve had the pole barn built to house more of the plants in the spring and to be used as our sales building. By this time Steve was making daily trips, 6 days a week, to Columbus and Hillsboro to keep us stocked with plants. It was also about this time that Steve started bringing back new and different varieties of bedding plants and hanging baskets. It got so from year to year that many customers would come in just to see what Steve had come up with that was different.

By the early 90’s, Maureen joined in the business working in the sales building. This enabled Steve to just concentrate on stocking. Steve got to where he was making 2 trips a day to three different greenhouses in Columbus, by this time Wards in Hillsboro had closed down. In the mid 90’s a covered outside area was added at the back of the pole barn. We were able to put cool weather plants outside making more room for other bedding plants in the pole barn.

In the end of spring in 2007, we learned that we would be losing two of our suppliers at the end of the season. After much thought we decided that if we were going to continue selling plants every year, we would need to do the growing ourselves. We hoped that all the years of Steve’s experience and knowledge gleaned from the various greenhouses through the years would be valuable assets. So we took a deep breath and jumped in feet first. By January of 2009 a 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse had been built (small in size compared to many) and a new sales area was added.

The retail area has enabled us to have all the bulk seed, potatoes, onions, and gardening items all in one space. In addition we were able to add gardening tools, fertilizers, and pots to this area. The pole barn is still used but as a storage area, growing the ferns (they love the environment), incubating, growing, and planting plugs once the greenhouse is full.

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