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We’re getting ready!
Tis the Season for Christmas Candy!!!

The Christmas Candy Tradition continues at The Farmers Market in Slate Mills

Farmers Market has a wide variety of Christmas Candy,
over 50 different kinds, many kinds that aren’t found in other stores locally.

Don’t Wait Shop Early in the Season for the Best Selection!

We will be closed the following days thru the holiday season:
Closed Thanksgiving,  Thursday Nov. 23
Christmas Day, Monday Dec. 25
 New Year’s Day Monday Jan. 1

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Sunday 9:00AM – 9:00PM
Monday – Saturday 5:30 AM- 9:00PM

We welcome orders from churches and organizations.  
If you call us in advance so we can have your order waiting for you.
740-775-9915 ask for Steve or Joe.


Farmers Market in Slate Mills
The Thomas Family - Steve & Maureen, Joe & Jenn

Christmas Candy has been a family tradition at Farmers Market since the mid 60's. This was started by John Thomas and is being continued by Steve 50 years later, hopefully Joe will continue the tradition in the future. 

As the Christmas Candy season grew, John was able to start buying direct from the manufacturer, to this day I still buy direct whenever possible.  At one time we sold over 30,000 lbs. of candy in a season. There was a company out of Massachusetts that John would buy 56 different kinds of chocolate candy from. Borden’s bought that company in the 70’s and 2 years later it was closed up.  Most of the candy manufacturers we dealt with in the past have sold out to larger corporations. Unfortunately there is only a few of these small companies left here in Ohio.

Steve has many memories thru the years; he started out as a teen coming in to help his dad bag up the candy.  As he got old enough to drive, his dad would send him in the old truck to manufacturers that were here in Ohio and Indiana.  The peanut brittle is still handmade right here in Ohio.  To this day he still makes the trip to northern Ohio to go after the peanut brittle himself; it would never make it through shipping. Going to these places enabled him to watch many different kinds of candy being made. He watched as one company took delivery of chocolate from a chocolate maker, inside the box was a solid piece of chocolate that weighed 1000 lbs.  It was perfectly square and shiny.  A chocolate lovers dream!  The funniest thing he ever saw was at a manufacturer in Ft. Wayne, Ind.  As he walked through the factory to get his order, he passed an area with four women filling gift boxes; he noticed as they worked, two pieces went in the box the third in their mouth. I hope they didn’t work at that pace all day.  I might mention also that factory was the cleanest he’s ever seen. The worst candy he can ever remember them having was a Peanut Cluster with Peppermint filling (an accident on the company’s part).  His dad bought these from a company in Columbus that they  always got great tasting clusters and gum drops from.  John paid 20 cents a lb. for them, they were so awful, and they ended up selling them for 3 lbs. for $1.00 just to get rid of them.  We package everything ourselves with FDA approved bags made right here in Ross Co. and the tags are printed here in Chillicothe.  Many things have changed in the time that we've been selling Christmas Candy but I can say that we are still proud to offer some of the finest, freshest chocolates, and confections around.  I think we still have the great taste you remember; hopefully our Christmas Candy will bring back memories from years past.

There is a difference between chocolate makers and chocolate manufacturers.  Chocolate makers produce only the chocolate; the manufacturer then takes that product and makes the candy using the chocolate product.  In the U.S.  there are only a handful of chocolate makers that have been in operation for 70 years or longer.  In recent years small companies have popped up generally known as bean to bar.  They start with the cocoa bean, do their own blending for chocolates, and then produce their own candy.  You might compare them to a micro- brewery.  Chocolate has a shelf life of about 18 months.  Once nuts or fillings are added shelf life is reduced to only several months.

There are many types of chocolate products but we deal with mainly 3 types:

Milk Chocolate: Is the cocoa butter and cocoa liquor mixed with different varieties of milk product to produce a smooth and rich chocolate. The Milk Chocolate items we sell are:

Peanut Clusters ( Vanilla, Maple, Caramel)
Caramel Pecan Clusters
Chocolate Covered Caramels
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Logs
Maple Cream, Butter Creams, Raspberry Creams,
Cherry Creams, and Vanilla Creams - very creamy soft center
Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts
Chocolate Stars
Milk Chocolate Break up

Confectioners Chocolate: Usually a blend of milk chocolate, emulsifiers, and flavorings. Not all companies have the same blending ratio.

Chocolate Covered Raisins
Bridge Mix
Malted Milk Balls
Peanut Clusters (no cream filling)
Non Perils

Compound Coating: This is a non-chocolate product made from cocoa powder, whey powder, inexpensive fats, and sweeteners generally cheaper to produce.

Chocolate Drops (filled with very stiff cream filling)

2017 Christmas Candy List

Vanilla Clusters
Maple Clusters
Caramel Clusters
Mini Chocolate Clusters
Pecan Caramel Clusters
Chocolate Covered Clusters
Plain Clusters(No Filling)
Bon Bons
Vanilla Dips
Chocolate Dips
Mixed Dips
Bridge Mix
Nonpariels Chocolate
Covered Raisins
Chocolate Stars
Malt Balls
Chocolate Drops
Bittersweet Drops
Opera Cremes
Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Peanut Butter Explosion Fudge
Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Butter Pecan Fudge
Mini Milk Chocolate Buckeyes
Mini Dark Chocolate Buckeyes
Candy Cane Cups (mild white filling/ candy cane chips)
Maple Cremes
Orange Cremes
Raspberry Cremes
Peco Flake
Peanut Brittle (thin & crispy)
Peanut Squares
Maple Nut Goodies
Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut Butter Logs
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Logs
Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts
White Chocolate Pretzels
Orange Slices
Cherry Slices
Fruit Slices Spice
Gum Drops
Sour Drops
Old Fashion Mix
100% Filled Mix
Cut Rock
Rainbow Gems
Mini Ribbons
Coconut Rainbow Slices
Sanded Cinnamon Balls
Starlight Mints
Assorted Starlight Mints
Peppermint Lumps
Wintergreen Lozenges
Salt Water Taffy
Mellowcreme Toys
Bulls Eyes
Gummi Bears
Christmas Nougats
Filled Peanuts



About Farmer’s Market Greenhouse

Family owned & operated by John B. Thomas until 1980, Steve & Maureen Thomas, and then Joe Thomas joined us in 2010.

John B. Thomas started selling plants at Farmer’s Market in 1968. His aim was to supply his usual customers with vegetable seeds, vegetable plants, and annual bedding flowers. At that time vegetable gardening was still a big source of produce for families. When he started he had limited space so he just lined the flats along the side of the store and on tables at the front of the store. Seeds, onions, and potatoes were sold inside the carry out. In the beginning he dealt with Hahn’s Greenhouse in Columbus on High Street to supply the plants.

May 1968

About the mid 70’s John started getting plants from Wards Greenhouse in Hillsboro, OH. At one time John sold nursery stock for a while. This was something Steve vowed he would never do, too time consuming and a lot of maintenance. As the years went by Farmers Market was becoming known for its plants. We were very fortunate that John had found good growers to deal with. John started going to another greenhouse in Columbus to keep stocked.

In the spring of 1984 Steve had the pole barn built to house more of the plants in the spring and to be used as our sales building. By this time Steve was making daily trips, 6 days a week, to Columbus and Hillsboro to keep us stocked with plants. It was also about this time that Steve started bringing back new and different varieties of bedding plants and hanging baskets. It got so from year to year that many customers would come in just to see what Steve had come up with that was different.

March 1984

By the early 90’s, Maureen joined in the business working in the sales building. This enabled Steve to just concentrate on stocking. Steve got to where he was making 2 trips a day to three different greenhouses in Columbus, by this time Wards in Hillsboro had closed down. In the mid 90’s a covered outside area was added at the back of the pole barn. We were able to put cool weather plants outside making more room for other bedding plants in the pole barn.

In the end of spring in 2007, we learned that we would be losing two of our suppliers at the end of the season. After much thought we decided that if we were going to continue selling plants every year, we would need to do the growing ourselves. We hoped that all the years of Steve’s experience and knowledge gleaned from the various greenhouses through the years would be valuable assets. So we took a deep breath and jumped in feet first. By January of 2009 a 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse had been built (small in size compared to many) and a new sales area was added. The retail area has enabled us to have all the bulk seed, potatoes, onions, and gardening items all in one space. In addition we were able to add gardening tools, fertilizers, and pots to this area. The pole barn is still used but as a storage area, growing the ferns (they love the environment), incubating, growing, and planting plugs once the greenhouse is full.

We strive to offer our customers high quality plant material that will last them throughout the season. Much of our knowledge has been self- taught, but we keep up to date with the plant industry through reading news articles about the trade. Anytime customers have questions we try to answer the best we can. If we can’t, we have been known to look the answers up and get back in contact with them. We want our customers to have fun and succeed whether this is a hobby or if the garden is a necessity.

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